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Behind bars

All windows in Dhaka have bars. I live on the 8th floor, here is my window



Working week here is Mon-Thu and weekend is Fri-Sat, so I am probably somewhere outside Dhaka right now, but here is my buddy!


Indian restaurant Sajna

As I am not the biggest spicy food fan, the idea of going to the Indian restaurant was pretty new to me. Sajna should have been one of the two best Indian restaurants in Dhaka and we decided to give it a try.

Food was average (only one type of bread was very nice), nothing was spicy (or maybe I managed to adjust a bit in the last two months). But! Two interesting things worth mentioning. First, they had about 40 kinds of dosa


We had one of the special ones.


And look what salad they had!


Olivie salad is my favourite salad and I had many variations of it, but this with dried fruits and without any kind of meat is definitely a winner (and no, I didn’t order it)!

Ras Malai

There was a story about the local sweets before, but here is another one. In Comilla there is supposed to be the best rasmalai in Bangladesh, but in the place where we tried it one of us found an ant o_O But! In Tangail we were brought to a place with very and very tasty rasmalai. Here

IMG_6169Good rasmalai is made and sold in the clay bowls (on the picture the is only sweet yoghurt left, the last bowl of rasmalai is being packed)

IMG_6168You get everything in a box and a bowl

IMG_6171And at home can enjoy this very very sweet mixture of sugar-milk-flour in cream. Very sweet.






Remember the view out of my window? Well, this is not very common. Usually, even in the best areas in Dhaka, your view looks like this

IMG_5712 IMG_5713

Trip to Tangail

Another trip outside Dhaka this weekend was a trip to Tangail, or to be more precise, a village nearby. This time Google was almost right, but this was probably because we left at 6.30am!TangailOOn the way there we saw a JP Morgan marathon finisher deepfrying some samosas or other dough-wrapped something


We were traveling with a person who owns the land in the village and recently planted the garden there. So first things first — we are picking up peppers! And the whole village behind the fence is watching us!

P1060129 P1060133 IMG_6144

The newly built house from inside looks like this. If it not a mud house, it is made of this material


The owner of the land is resolving a dispute

IMG_6147Then we went on a tour in the village. Tangail area is famous for its hand-sewn sarees and in this particural village there were plenty of houses where sarees are being sewn. One of the men offered me to try it myself and of course I agreed! At first it was a bit confusing -both hands and both feet are involved and things should be done in a particular sequence. So in the beginning I totally sucked, but after quite a few unsuccessful attempts I slowly made a few stiches that were sort of okay. It is a very labour intensive work and therefore it is usually men who are doing it. And it is very very loud.

P1060150 P1060153 P1060152What do women do would you ask? They manually cut off all the extra threads with a pair of scissors

IMG_6153Just like this. On the ground, anywhere in the village.

So you see all the kids everywhere? They were following us everywhere

IMG_6154There are also machines for sewing sarees. And many kids who would like to be in the pictures

IMG_6160One hand or mashine sewn saree in the village costs about 700 taka, which is 8,5 euros.

And some random picture. For example, how bananas grow

IMG_6150How pomelos grow


Tiny little mangoes on a soon-to-be big mango tree

IMG_6148Below is the grave of the inviting family’s ancestors. They were the first to bring islan in this area. As the legend goes, when they arrived from India and maybe some places in Middle East, the local hindu king’s daughter was dead and people were about to burry her. The ancestors were not just muslim, but spiritual people as well and told the king that she was not sick, brought a burning hot stick to her body, she woke up and as a gratiture the king gave a very big piece of land to these ancestors and allowed them to spread islam.

IMG_6165 IMG_6164After the village we were invited to their home in Dhaka. I have never seen so many books here (this is just one of many shelfes). So many books I will never be able to read

IMG_6173The father of the family used to be very interested in communism and such when he was young. In fact, the overall concept was very popular here, especially before the Liberation War in 1971. He still has some of the book, for example, to the right from the Lenin’s books is Engels in Bangla

IMG_6170Here is a photo with a mother and a father of the family


And a beutiful picture at the end taken not by me!


Funny fruit

Here is a funny fruit. Tastes like nothing. Literary.IMG_6178


Trip to Comilla

This weekend we went to Comilla, a small town that is here

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 21.54.11As usual, Google is very optimistic and it took us almost 4 hours to get there.

Comilla is famous for Salban Vihara, which is place where the ruins were found and also that in the nearby there is a village where our maid lives 🙂

Once we got there, first we visited the museum and got a few pictures (even though it is of course prohibited) with some ancient statues

IMG_6054 IMG_6059Visited the ruins of what people used to think was king’s palace but it was in fact a buddhist monastery

11348069_10153258194675170_2134973916_oIMG_6088 IMG_6096 IMG_6098 IMG_6105Watched guys posing with a bush

IMG_6107And how dates are growing


IMG_6110And took a picture of the guys following us

11354376_10153258194770170_185763008_oIn the park next to it I became friends with a goat sitting alone on the bench

IMG_6065At first I was very shy

IMG_6066But then I decided to test the limits

IMG_6069 IMG_6072 IMG_6074And in the end — a selfie!!


After we went to visit my maid in her village. Her son (23) lives there with his family

IMG_6120The girl is about 18 now and the little boy about 8 months old. I didn’t take many pictures in the village, because it just didn’t feel right, but basically the family of three people lives in a little room, where they have a bed, a fridge and some shelves. They eat and sleep on the bed (although I was told that they eat usually on the floor and it was only for the guests that we were eating on the bed).

Sometimes the streets of the village are covered in pants

IMG_6115That is for the rainy season to soak up the water.

The kid was afraid of me, which everybody found funny

IMG_6128And here is the final picture