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Trip to Paharpur. Day 1

Paharpur is one of the main sights in Bangladesh, the ruins of what was once a buddhist temple. You have seen one of those in Comilla already, but this is the biggest one.

Even though it was supposed to be a 4-5 hour drive, because we happened to go on the same day, what the Indian prime-minister was visiting Bangladesh, the National monument (the one I showed before as well) to be precise, which is in the same direction, it took us 12 hours. It was bad. Very bad.

We got to enjoy a lot of bush art though when we got there.


Kinds get to learn the “picture with the bush” skill when they are very small.


I am trying hard too


The ruins are cool

IMG_6755 IMG_6756 IMG_6761

People are manually cutting off the grass with little knives.


The light at the ruins was absolutely gorgeous, but still iPhone made everybody look different!

IMG_6779 IMG_6774 IMG_6765 IMG_6770IMG_6768

We are performing

IMG_6811 IMG_6787

The layer on top in new, put there to protect the left overs from further destruction IMG_6825

Guess whom I met there?!



IMG_6823 IMG_6828 IMG_6829


More goats


More bush-pictures

IMG_6838 IMG_6840

The area where Paharpur is situated, Rajshahi district, is famous for its mangoes. Therefore here is the biggest part of our dinner — mangoes and lychees.


To be continued!

Kolkata. Day 2

Second day in Kolkata started with some cookies (after great breakfast ;)). Unfortunately, as it usually happens to me in this part of the world (so far), sweets look great but don’t really taste like it…


Need a job? There are quite a few in Saudi Arabia


Indian children are running to school


Goats in India and veeeery big. And like hanging out in the middle of the streets as well


The main tourist attraction of that day was the Mother’s House, meaning the Mother Teresa’s house. Not much there, just many people (mostly white) feeling extatic around her grave.


Like many white people.


A lot.


Wondering around is usually the best part, so he is that  Canadian guy in the middle of Kolkata


Hand-pulled rickshaws are still working in Kolkata, and it is just so weird.


Need to get your nails done? Anybody?


London’s tower bridge on a rickshaw? Easy




That was surprising


Just a funny restaurant sign


On one of the main streets I saw McDonalds. Only got to take this picture and was told that I am not allowed to take any pictures of the counter. What is this no-pictures-desease in India?


After that I took a metro to one of the temples. Again no pictures as you can imagine (stupid!!), but here is a token 🙂


Bangladeshi goats

I think it is time for a Bangladeshi goat break!


Trip to Savar

One day we decided to go and watch metal casting. And after researching the area a few other things got added to the list, so the furthest point this time was Shailan Mosque and this time google maps was about right, but again we had to leave at 6 am.


Thanks to wikipedia we learned about the mosque and it was our first destination

IMG_6215 IMG_6212 IMG_6210 IMG_6207 IMG_6203 IMG_6200 IMG_6198 IMG_6197 IMG_6196 IMG_6195

The person who is looking after this mosque offered us some mangos right off the tree!

We walked around the mosque a bit and found the local gym (nobody was working out though)

IMG_6216 IMG_6217

Our next stop — Dhamrai Roth, a hindu wooden kind of  temple that gets moved around the town once a year


While waiting for the metal casting we were walking around the city visiting various temples (majority of the population in this particular area are hindu). We randomly found a very nice man who was looking after one of the temples and showed us the others in the neighbourhood. In one of those temples the reaction to me saying that I am Russian was “Russia is good, Russia is India’s friend”

IMG_6219 IMG_6225 IMG_6221

The metal casting happened right in front of the Roth. The family that runs this workshop has been doing it for over 500 years. The technique is called “lost wax” and the idea is that at first a wax figure is made, then it is covered with a few layers of clay and afterwards is being put in the something like an over when wax runs away and the metal is poured in the forms instead. The process of metal casting is the most interesting one and it was very very hot and very very dangerous. The metal looks beautiful though — acid orange and green.IMG_6249

These were the pieces that have been sitting there for a whle already waiting for us

IMG_6243 IMG_6252

But this is not over — because it comes out with many defects, a lot of work is needed to fix it and make it perfect. At that moment they have been working on a big statue for one of the temples (the base was casted), and the head was getting last touches. In italic because it takes months to make it look shiny.

IMG_6253 IMG_6244 IMG_6239

There is a shop by this workshop and once can see some examples of their work

IMG_6256 IMG_6255 IMG_6247

The statue like the one above takes about 3-4 months.

And a must-have picture with the family that runs this workshop


They have a very nice house


The next stop — Natinal Memorial. I mentioned the war of 1971 many times already. Here it is like the 2nd World War in Europe, but for one country. It took them 16 years though to build this place, it looks a lot like many other concrete memorials I have seen in my life, but one should never tell this to the locals, for them it is the best memorial ever. Because the locals like to pose (A LOT), we decided to blend in (but we definitely suck)IMG_6266 IMG_6263 IMG_6270

Speaking of posing — many people pose with the bushes. I showed some examples before, but it is super funny — even when there is a monument, a Bush is thing to take a picture with. So we have been working hard on blending in even more


And in the end — a selfie with Mr. Bush!


Trip to Comilla

This weekend we went to Comilla, a small town that is here

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 21.54.11As usual, Google is very optimistic and it took us almost 4 hours to get there.

Comilla is famous for Salban Vihara, which is place where the ruins were found and also that in the nearby there is a village where our maid lives 🙂

Once we got there, first we visited the museum and got a few pictures (even though it is of course prohibited) with some ancient statues

IMG_6054 IMG_6059Visited the ruins of what people used to think was king’s palace but it was in fact a buddhist monastery

11348069_10153258194675170_2134973916_oIMG_6088 IMG_6096 IMG_6098 IMG_6105Watched guys posing with a bush

IMG_6107And how dates are growing


IMG_6110And took a picture of the guys following us

11354376_10153258194770170_185763008_oIn the park next to it I became friends with a goat sitting alone on the bench

IMG_6065At first I was very shy

IMG_6066But then I decided to test the limits

IMG_6069 IMG_6072 IMG_6074And in the end — a selfie!!


After we went to visit my maid in her village. Her son (23) lives there with his family

IMG_6120The girl is about 18 now and the little boy about 8 months old. I didn’t take many pictures in the village, because it just didn’t feel right, but basically the family of three people lives in a little room, where they have a bed, a fridge and some shelves. They eat and sleep on the bed (although I was told that they eat usually on the floor and it was only for the guests that we were eating on the bed).

Sometimes the streets of the village are covered in pants

IMG_6115That is for the rainy season to soak up the water.

The kid was afraid of me, which everybody found funny

IMG_6128And here is the final picture