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Another funky fruit

Very sour and not easy to eat — all the “meat” is on the seeds. On the picture the one to the right



Coffee shop

Haha, here is the local coffee shop, but of course it doesn’t serve coffee, it serves cha — black tea with milk and A LOT of sugar


Usually some local snack is being made/sold in the same place. In this particular case it was singara — thin pastry-like dough with potatoes, lentis and spices (of course) deep fried!


Local street food

Main local street food is “puchka” or “fuchka”. If you are lucky, you can choose between two options — withough yoghurt and with it. I prefer the latter.

In the tasty crunchy shell you get a mixture of peas, lentils, potatoes (?) and spices. Very tasty. And the yoghurt is a little sweet..mmm

IMG_6283 IMG_6282

Tasty discoveries

One of my food discoveries in Bangladesh is the beal fruit, or wood apple.


It has an interesting texture of pumpkin/mashed potato, quite sweet, but the best part is the smell — sometimes it smells like flowers and sometimes like men’s cologne


Indian restaurant Sajna

As I am not the biggest spicy food fan, the idea of going to the Indian restaurant was pretty new to me. Sajna should have been one of the two best Indian restaurants in Dhaka and we decided to give it a try.

Food was average (only one type of bread was very nice), nothing was spicy (or maybe I managed to adjust a bit in the last two months). But! Two interesting things worth mentioning. First, they had about 40 kinds of dosa


We had one of the special ones.


And look what salad they had!


Olivie salad is my favourite salad and I had many variations of it, but this with dried fruits and without any kind of meat is definitely a winner (and no, I didn’t order it)!

Ras Malai

There was a story about the local sweets before, but here is another one. In Comilla there is supposed to be the best rasmalai in Bangladesh, but in the place where we tried it one of us found an ant o_O But! In Tangail we were brought to a place with very and very tasty rasmalai. Here

IMG_6169Good rasmalai is made and sold in the clay bowls (on the picture the is only sweet yoghurt left, the last bowl of rasmalai is being packed)

IMG_6168You get everything in a box and a bowl

IMG_6171And at home can enjoy this very very sweet mixture of sugar-milk-flour in cream. Very sweet.





Funny fruit

Here is a funny fruit. Tastes like nothing. Literary.IMG_6178


Young coconut

This is how you carry a young coconut home 🙂