Cricket game

Cricket is Bangladesh’s national sport. The team has been doing really well and has won 3-0 against Pakistan (which means a lot here because of the historical connections) and recently also won 2-0 against India.

I went to the first game against India and it was lots of fun. Of course I didn’t understand a thing, but everybody was so happy every time Bangladeshi team scored, so it was impossible to sit still!

We were also asked for an interview and went live!

IMG_6907IMG_6911 IMG_6913 IMG_6917After the game we were invited to hang out with the Indian team and some of them appeared to be quite good dancers! (and apparently they are like rock starts in India o_O)


4 thoughts on “Cricket game

  1. moses says:

    glad to hear you enjoyed a game of cricket. we used to play the game when we were kids because there were four of us and that was one game four could play other than long ball. nice to see you motivated yourself to blog once more. nadine and eillene are in brandon visiting evelyn who has been in the hospital maybe with a stroke…dont know will find out tomorrow. please disregard all the mistakes…am not very good typing.cheers,smiles and hugs til next time frederick

  2. moses says:

    glad to hear you enjoyed a game of cricket…used to be our favourite game when we were kid s. cheers smiles and hugs frederick

  3. moses says:

    cricket good game…glad you enjoyed. cheers and hugs frederick

  4. ver says:

    I know that I have you checking this website everyday, so that is the best motivation! 🙂

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