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The most expensive ice cream

Mövenpick is the most expensive ice cream once can imagine. And here it is. Not just a stall, but a whole shop in the middle of Dhaka.

IMG_5620Lots of flavours

IMG_5619…and waffles! 5,5 euros — could you imagine this happening in Switzerland? No way.


North Korean restaurant

There is a North Korean restaurant in Dhaka called Pyongyang. Yes, North Korean!

The food was pretty average. Amongst many dishes one could choose Instant Noodle or Beef Leg Salad.nk restoWe had some traditional (as we were told) North Korean beef, that you need to put in a piece of lettuce, add 3 different things (one of which was a whole piece of garlic) and eat!

IMG_5307Another dish worth mentioning was a Top Shell Casserole. It was prepared by one of the waitresses and here is a little video of the dish and a short chat with her

After we had our dinner the entertainment part started and this is what everybody is coming here for. First it was some singing

Then it was some dancing

And of course karaoke! You could choose from the thousands of songs

nk karaokeAs you can imagine it was absolutely hilarious and we had some great fun!

In the end you could also buy some souvenirs


Come and visit me in Dhaka and I will take you to North Korea!

For KFC fans

Hello my dear KFC fans! Dhaka has something to offer to you

IMG_4998 IMG_4999 IMG_5338Friends say that BFC is great, but I am waiting for one of you to try it!

Btw, they have a real KFC as well. But with all these other FCs who cares??

First restaurant visit

My first restaurant visit was to the place called Attin, which serves “authentic Arab food”.

It was totally not bad, but by the local standards extremely expensive.

We shared a plate of appetisers for 1500 taka

IMG_5198It was very tasty and came with unlimited very tasty (again) bread. The pineapple juice cost 180 taka which is A LOT for a pineapple juice here.


I also decided to try shrimp, because the seafood here is supposed to be super great. And these tiger shrimps looked very pretty



… but unfortunately didn’t taste as good as they looked. They weren’t bad, but just not something I would go back for. And yeah, the dish cost 1200 taka.

But the appetiser plate is definitely worth a return visit!

Local sweets

Doing my homework on the country, I learned that Bangladeshi sweets should be absolutely great.

So I decided to try.

There was a nice man in a local sweets shop


And plenty of sweets to choose from (this is a half, I would say)


So I got a small box and just picked up random stuff

IMG_5179 IMG_5180

And…it wasn’t very good. How Jade would say: “There is a reason why this local stuff is not popular worldwide”.

The three of us could only manage a bit and nobody was excited to finish the box


Some of it was too sweet and some of it had no flavour, some tasted like very sweet cream and some was just like bread soaked in syrup.

My local friend told me though that there are more sweets and that they are great, so there will be more sweet news.

Star gooseberries and formalin

Those who know me, know that I love fruit. And that I eat a lot of fruit. Therefore I was so much looking forward to discovering all the local fruits that one can find here!

But! Once here I was told to express cautious and buy fruits and vegetables only at the “big” stores and not at the markets or street stalls, because of formalin, which is a strong solution of formaldehyde.

Apparently it is a big problem here and everybody is concerned about it.

For example, I bought some funny berries (in a “big” store) that everybody is referring to as “local gooseberries”. They are called star gooseberries or leboir in Bengali. When I brought them home though, our cook (yes, we have a cook) told me that I should first put them in a bowl of water, add bit of vinegar and let them soak for about an hour before eating.


When I asked him why, he said that all the fruits and vegetables, even before cooking, should be soaked in water and vinegar to clean them off the chemicals.

That is a sad story.

Here is a sour story, because these star gooseberries are very sour and look like this

IMG_5185 IMG_5186


Denmark and Bangladesh

At work we get lunch and two snacks a day — at 11am and 4pm (those from Google, be jealous ;P).

Here is today’s 11am snack, which comes from a local Danish bakery called O-Danish. There are a lot of onions inside and something else, but I still don’t know what it is. And I suspect cinnamon in it too.

Update. Apparently, there is chicken in it as well. Surprise!