Sreemangal. Day 3

Have a look at the view from out guesthouse. There were only 5 rooms, 3 of which were occupied by our group.

IMG_5517We even had coconuts on our tree, see there?

IMG_5518First thing in the morning we went to rent bikes at the place what was also a rickshaw art center

IMG_5521 rick1 rick2And the adventure began! Kids would see us on the other side and thenl run along the river shouting “bye” or “hi”

IMG_5527And what do we see around? Rice fields, people working hard, goats and very very nice people.

IMG_5528 IMG_5531 IMG_5532I was trying to pet a goat and first this lady (you see her white fingers, that’s for that green leaf, paan, that is also why she has such teeth) was helping me to catch one and then the boys brought me this guy

IMG_5533 IMG_5535On the bikes we got to the wetlands where we were taken on a boat ride

IMG_5538 IMG_5542 IMG_5549 IMG_5552It was very quite, very beautiful and very hot.

We had our lunch at one of the fisherman’s house. They are six brothers living together and the family is considered to be pretty wealthy. The house was built very recently. And yes, in Bangladesh you eat with your hands (unless you are in the western parts).

IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562I like their ‘wardrobe’.

Here are our bikes standing by the house. They were very heavy

IMG_5563The kids were of course very excited and there was a lot of picture taking and staring


IMG_5616Here is a D&G shirt (says Made in Italy)

IMG_5565I think I mentioned before that one doesn’t have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures. A better camera would help though

IMG_5566In the city I stopped by the bamboo stall to buy a traditional Bangla hat and made a friend

IMG_5567 IMG_5569 IMG_5571After 10 minutes by the stall we got some attention (just on one side!)

IMG_5572On the way from the village we also found a little kitten on the road and kept her. She really loved the hat 🙂

IMG_5575Next stop — seven layer tea. Tasted and smelled like cocoa in my kindergarden

IMG_5579Look inside any street — people sewing

IMG_5583Of course some real tea

IMG_5586And the train back.

IMG_5589A couple of pineapples for a ride (15 take each, e.g. 15 euro cents)

IMG_5588A rare albino person

IMG_5591And our friends seeing us off. They are great.

IMG_5592Here is a video of the tea gardens we were passing by on the way back and the interior od the train (obviously, high class)

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