Sreemangal. Day 1

On the 3rd of May there was a public holiday in Bangladesh and I decided to go to Sreemangal for a long weekend. Sreemangal is here

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 20.53.25And it is famous for its tea.

You see how optimistic google is saying that it only takes 3,5 hours to drive there from Dhaka? Well, we rented a mini bus and it took as about 6 hours. Right. 180 km in almost 6 hours.

Our adventure started with a visit to the tea gardens. See the mountains far away? It is India.

IMG_5381 IMG_5372Usually women collect tea leaves — there should be two leaves and a bud — because they are more gentle. Men also help, usually with what needs to be done with the ground and other hard work. This is one of the guys

IMG_5391He showed us this lovely shy plant. Look what it does when you touch it

The lotus lake was absolutely stunning

IMG_5380 IMG_5396 lotus IMG_5395

We met the sunset there as well

IMG_5385Looking for some fruit we visited the market after.

IMG_5401You can buy fresh fish

IMG_5400Or dry fish

IMG_5403Or more dried fishIMG_5404Maybe some more?

dried fishAnother awesome view

IMG_5408This is what tobacco actually looks like (big dried leaves).

IMG_5409Of course bananas and something like plantains

IMG_5410 IMG_5411And chickens right beside it

chicken on the marketWe finished the day with a visit to a local cinema to watch 10 minutes of this Bangladeshi movie. It was hilarious.

IMG_5417Two more days to come!

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