Premiere of Avengers in Dhaka

Last week the new Avengers movie got out. In Dhaka this event was promoted by a few people walking around the city for a week in the Avengers’ costumes and at the day of the premier there was a show. Luckily, one of those actors was a friend of mine and I was invited to the closed pre-premier.

This is my very special ticket.


The show started with a fashion show as it says on the ticket. It was mixed with some performance of different Avengers. This one is the Iron Man (for those who didn’t guess)

And a few pictures of the Dhaka-Avengers!

avengersBefore the movie all the invited guests had a chance to take a picture with Avengers. Captain America is my friend, btw!

IMG_5364The most interesting part of the movie was though that here they play their national anthem while the flag is waving on the screen just before the movie (everybody stands up!) . And no ads or trailers !

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